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Feel sorry for this X-Men character, because their power really sucks

There are so many different X-Men characters with all kinds of different powers, but we reckon we have found the worst one, and the MCU should never use him.

Deadpool, Wolverine, Storm, and Magneto from the X-Men movies

If you have ever sat and pondered what superpower you could have if you were a mutant, then the X-Men are the heroes for you. However, in a world like the MCU where superhuman abilities are commonplace, there are bound to be some dud mutations, and we think we have found the most pointless power among all the X-Men. You’ve heard about the best X-Men characters, but get ready to meet the worst.

Now, if you were to watch the X-Men movies in order, or dive into a marathon of watching all the Marvel movies in order, you wouldn’t find this unfortunate soul anywhere. No, it’s very unlikely that Bailey Hoskins will ever actually become a fully-fledged Marvel character at all.

If he did make his way to the big screen, Bailey Hoskins would very likely only appear in one superhero movie anyway. That’s because his superpower is self-detonation, and as you may have guessed, it’s the kind of party trick you can only perform once.

Bailey appeared in a comic book run aptly titled ‘The Worst X-Man Ever’ in 2016. You may not be surprised to know that his time in the comic book world ended in that same arc, just four issues later. And you can probably guess how that death occurred.

As a student of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, Bailey rubbed shoulders with all the heroes you know and love from the X-Men world. However, while many students discover their fantastic abilities at the school, Bailey was simply told he might blow up one day, and never return. You can see how that played out in the comic book panels below.

Bailey Hoskins and Beast from the Marvel comic The Worst X-Man Ever

So, it seems that for Bailey Hoskins, with great power, comes great explosive death (we think that’s a much better motto, take note Uncle Ben). Perhaps Hoskins’ unique situation would make him a good fit for the tongue-in-cheek world of the Merc with a Mouth? Don’t be surprised if Bailey pops up for the Deadpool 3 release date.

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Or, maybe we will get to meet the young mutant when the X-Men 97 release date comes around. There would have to be a little tinkering with the timeline to make that work, but we know superhero stories love doing that.

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