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Thor: Love and Thunder art gives best look yet at Gorr the Godbutcher

The MCU have just dropped some t-shirt prints for Thor: Love and Thunder, and they offer the best look yet at the upcoming villain Gorr the Godbutcher

Thor Love and Thunder art gives best look yet at Gorr the Godbutcher

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been going hard with promoting the upcoming action movie Thor: Love and Thunder. In early April 2022, fans got a new trailer, and now newly released promo art for the film has revealed the best look yet at the flick’s villain, Gorr the Godbutcher.

Following the recent trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, plenty of promotional images have begun to surface online for Chris Hemsworth’s next cinematic outing as the lightning inclined Avenger. One of these said pics is an illustrated t-shirt print with Gorr front and centre. Gorr, who Christian Bale portrays in the upcoming fantasy movie, is the God-hating antagonist, who (unsurprisingly) sets his murderous sights on the hammer-wielding, and now retired Asgardian God.

Although the picture of Gorr is illustrated, and it is still unclear what Bale will look like in the flick, it is one of the few front-facing images that we have seen of the film’s authorised depiction of Gorr’s face. Previously in 2021, on-set photos of Bale were leaked online. However, these snaps only showed his cape.

You can see the new image of Gorr below:

The image sees a relatively humanoid looking Gorr who is often depicted as more alien-like in the Marvel comics. Typically, the character has slit nose holes, tentacle hair, and reminiscent piranha teeth.

In a newsletter on Substack, acclaimed comic book writer Jason Aaron previously addressed the fandom’s worries on the live-action version of Gorr. “I’ve seen some concerns online about Gorr’s design, based off glimpses of the character’s action figure,” he wrote. “As the guy who co-created him, along with Esad, I’ll just say that it wasn’t Gorr’s nose (or lack thereof) that made him the tragic and deeply disturbed God Butcher that he was. Trust in the face of Christian Bale. Need I remind you, it’s a pretty goddamn talented face.”

Worried or not, we will soon see Gorr for ourselves. Thor: Love and Thunder is set to release on July 8, 2022.