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She-Hulk: Why did Josh steal Jen’s blood?

She-Hulk's latest episode introduced us to Josh, who seemed to be the perfect boyfriend, but it turns out he was just trying to steal Jen's blood

Why did Josh steal She-Hulk's blood?

Why did Josh steal She-Hulks blood? The TV series She-Hulk has spent a lot of time dwelling on the bifurcated nature of Jen’s life. Jen wants nothing more than to be recognised as amazing in her own right, while the rest of the world only cares about her jade alter-ego.

However, things finally started going Jen’s way in the last episode of the Marvel series when she met Josh. Josh seemed like a perfectly lovely nice guy who claimed to prefer Jen to She-Hulk, and in episode 7, they started dating. Things seemed to be going well, but then after they slept together, he began ghosting Jen’s texts.

While Jen might have managed to move past her feelings for Josh, it turns out he had ulterior motives for getting close to our hero. He appears to be part of a group plotting the destruction of She-Hulk, so why did Josh steal Jen’s blood?

Why did Josh steal Jen’s blood?

Josh stole Jen’s blood as part of a wider scheme by the Intelligencia and Hulk KingThe group seems to hate Jen,  judging by their awful website and openly advocating for her death.

It’s possible then that Josh stole Jen’s blood so they could develop a weapon capable of killing a Hulk. We know that the Hulks are basically indestructible, so maybe the Intelligencia think they can discover their weaknesses in their blood.

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It’s possible, though admittedly unlikely, the Intelligencia have other reasons for stealing Jen’s blood. Hulk King, whoever they may be, seems slightly jealous that Jen has been granted the power of the Hulks.

Perhaps they intend on using the blood to give themselves gamma powers? After all, in the Marvel movies, we saw that Bruce’s blood give Samuel Stern powers,  so it’s not completely impossible.

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