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She-Hulk finally answers if Captain America was a virgin

The new Marvel series has answered one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's thirstiest questions we finally know if if Captain America was a virgin

Chris Evans as Captain America

MCU fans have wondered for a while now if Steve Rogers was a virgin. It’s a strange thing to think about, we know, but for the longest time, there’s been a theory that poor Steve may have popped his clogs before he popped his cherry. Thankfully the new Marvel series She-Hulk has finally given us a definitive answer to this oddly thirsty question.

First, let’s get into why people think Steve was a 105-year-olf virgin. We know before Steve was injected with the super soldier serum, he didn’t have much luck with the ladies, but what about after he became America’s ass? Well, a lot of people presumed that between the war, being frozen, avenging, and the constant world-ending crises, Steve didn’t have much time for dating.

So was Captain America a virgin? Well, the first episode of the new She-Hulk Marvel series genuinely takes the time to explore this question, with Bruce Banner dropping some hot tea (Editor: Is that what the kids say?) about the Star Spangled Man. Mild spoilers for She-Hulk ahead!

Was Captain America a virgin?

No, Captain America wasn’t a virgin. Despite what Jen and a number of other people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe believe, Steve didn’t spend all of his time kicking Nazi ass and Avenging. He had a life outside of his red and blue PJs.

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According to the Hulk, Steve lost his virginity during World War 2. “Steve Rogers is not a virgin,” Hulk patiently explains to his cousin. “He lost his virginity to a girl in 1943 on the USO tour.”

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So there you have it. Captain America f*cked. Are you happy now? You finally know. Of course, to throw a spanner in the works, it’s possible Roger’s made up that story just to shut up Tony Stark, who we imagine was definitely ‘bro-y’ enough to tease his superhero colleague about his lack of experience.

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After all, the whole “girl on the USO tour” explanation sounds dangerously close to the superhero equivalent of ‘yeah, I’ve got a girlfriend she just lives in another decade, you wouldn’t know her’.

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