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She-Hulk storyline similar to original MCU plans, says Tim Roth

Tim Roth says the Abomination's storyline in Marvel series She-Hulk reminds him of the original plans for the MCU character way back when

Tim Roth in She-Hulk

The Abomination returned to the MCU in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and now he’s got a larger role in comedy series She-Hulk. According to Tim Roth, who plays the Marvel villain, his arc is remarkably like what was spoken about early in the franchise.

“It reminded me of conversations that I had with Kevin [Feige] and Stan Lee in the very beginning. We were on set [of The Incredible Hulk], and we said, ‘What would happen to him? Where would he be?'” Roth recalled to Screen Rant. “The idea that they came up with – I think – was that if they ever found him again, he would be in a combination safe. He’d be locked up and sunk to the bottom of the ocean.”

This is, as Roth points out, not unlike where we find Abomination in the new Marvel series. He’s not in the Raft, the underwater prison we see in Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War, but he is locked in another maximum security facility. The MCU has a few, it seems!

“In a way, that’s where he’s been! He’s been in maximum security isolation; in a bubble for many, many years until we see him now,” Roth states. “And who’s gonna come to his rescue? She-Hulk.”

In the TV series, Jennifer Walters is forced to defend the Roth’s MCU character, Emil Blonsky. She’s not especially happy about it, but needs must. The re-introduction of the Hulk antagonist brings more cohesion to the franchise, as The Incredible Hulk has largely been forgotten otherwise.

Who knows what other ideas Marvel Studios has been sitting on for all these years. She-Hulk episodes are streaming now on Disney Plus. For more marvellous adventures, check out our guides to Black Panther 2 and Ant-Man 3.