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Ryan Reynolds will be “starstruck” by this Deadpool 3 co-star

With Deadpool 3 shaping up to be a hit, Ryan Reynolds is looking forward to working with the new movie's latest cast additions, even if he's a bit starstruck.

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in Deadpool

Deadpool 3 is coming together rather nicely. The new movie, now part of the MCU, will see Ryan Reynolds‘ Wade Wilson connect with Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine from the X-Men 2000s movies.

The third Deadpool movie is set to have two of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe characters deal with Multiverse shenanigans — the current trend, as noted in our Marvel Phase 5 explained guide.

Among the Marvel movie‘s cast is an addition that’s sure to leave Reynolds starstruck.

Matthew Macfayden of the Succession cast was recently announced as a new addition to Deadpool 3, in a currently undisclosed role. Speaking to etalk CTV, Reynolds had lots of positive things to say about the actor.

“I am always rooting for him because he is one of the best actors out there. I mean, no joke.” he said,  “I love him in Succession. I can embrace a guy who straddles the line of villain and hero. And martyr. And many other things.”

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Hinting at the size of Macfayden’s role, Reynolds continued, “I think Matthew Macfayden is probably one of the most interesting actors working today. And the fact that he’s going to be on our Deadpool set each and every day is kind of nerve-wracking for me. I’ll be starstruck.”

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