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Pedro Pascal says Moon Knight wouldn’t beat Mandalorian in a fight

Pedro Pascal has responded to Oscar Isaac's claim that Moon Knight would be able to be beat the Mandalorian in a fight and of course he disagrees

Moon Knight and Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal reckons his beskar clad bounty hunter Din Djarin wouldn’t be phased by a fight with Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. Pascal wasn’t just idly speculating about a punch up between the two heroes. He was asked about it by Remezcla while promoting his new comedy movie, The Unbearable Massive Weight of Talent.

The interviewer wanted to know if Pascal had heard Isaac’s recent comments about Moon Knight being able to beat the Mandalorian in a fight. Upon hearing the news, Pascal let out a snide laugh, made the journalist rephrase, the question before responding, “That’s so sweet. Maybe Moon Knight would beat The Mandalorian at Scrabble, but not a fight.”

Unfortunately for Pascal, Disney is unlikely to cross over the MCU and Star Wars soon (Editor: Didn’t they already do that?), so he won’t be able to prove that his bucket headed hero would triumph in a fight against the Fist of Kohnshu. Thankfully we’re not going to let that fact stop us from speculating which of the pair would win.

Now before we go into this, it’s worth saying I prefer Pascal to Isacc. I’m sorry, I just like a man with facial hair, and that moustache is next level. Don’t worry, though, I’m not going to let that affect my decision. So who would win? Pascal, that’s who.

Sure Moon Knight might have super strength, armour, the ability to heal from any injury, and a god for a patron. But Pascal and the Mandalorian have that sweet ‘stache. Sorry, Moon Knight fans, I don’t make the rules; I just rigorously enforce them.

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