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The new Deadpool 3 villain is, admittedly, “not a Marvel person”

Emma Corrin is playing a currently unnamed villain in Deadpool 3, and has been doing their Marvel homework to catch up with the 'intricate world' of the MCU.


August 4, 2023 Article updated to specify Emma Corrin’s interview was conducted before the 2023 Actors Strike began.

Emma Corrin is preparing to hang up Princess Diana’s handbags and take on their first villainous role – something they’re looking forward to – and their first-ever blockbuster. And it’s in an MCU movie, no less, as they’re playing one of the main villains in Deadpool 3. Coming from period drama movies such as My Policeman and Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Corrin doesn’t have much experience with the world of comic books or superhero movies.

In an interview conducted before the 2023 Actors Strike for the upcoming show A Murder at the End of the World, Corrin told Empire magazine; “Hands up, I’m not a Marvel person. I’ve watched Spider-Man and Black Panther. I was like, ‘Look, you’re gonna have to debrief me into this.’ It’s such an intricate world. There’s so much to it, it’s an absolute mind-fuck. All the language and the Easter eggs, and this person is related to that person who did this, and this person came back and this person’s dead… it’s amazing.”

“I really understand why it means as much as it does to so many people. It’s a phenomenon, and I feel really lucky to be part of it. Especially Deadpool, because I love the fact that it’s self-aware, and critical of its own inner-workings.”

Corrin says; “I feel really excited to play a villain. I haven’t done that, and it’s an itch I want to scratch.” We’re looking forward to the Deadpool 3 release date – not least to see Hugh Jackman in Wolverine’s comics-accurate yellow jumpsuit – but are aware that it could well be pushed in light of the writers strike and Actors Strike.

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Corrin’s most high-profile role to date has been as the young Princess Diana in The Crown (before Elizabeth Debicki took over the role), and that’s about as far away from a Marvel villain as you can imagine.

You an catch them in A Murder at the end of the world, set to premiere in November 2023. The sci-fi series comes from Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, co-creators of Netflix series The OA.

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