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Ms. Marvel – did Kamala Khan time travel?

Warning spoilers ahead for Ms Marvel - we have taken a look into whether Kamala Khan really did time travel at the end of Ms Marvel episode 4

Ms Marvel time travel

Warning Ms. Marvel spoilers ahead. Did Kamala Khan travel back in time? Ms. Marvel episode 4 ended with Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) being attacked by the brutal leader of the Clandestines, Najma (Nimra Bucha). As Namja’s vicious assault landed, though, Kamala managed to block it with her magic bangle.

Then something extraordinary happened. Kamala was apparently transported from present-day Karachi (sort of present day, the MCU timeline is a bit sketchy at this point) to the Partition of India in 1947. As a confused Kamala made her way through the station, she spotted a train and got on board, taking her to parts unknown.

Of course, the question is, did Kamala Khan really just time travel? Or is Kamala, in fact, just having another – far more detailed – vision of what happened to her great grandmother all those years ago? It’s difficult to say precisely what’s going on without having seen episode 5, but here at The Digital Fix, we think there’s an obvious answer to Kamala’s apparent trip through time.

Did Kamala Khan time travel?

Most likely, no. We say “most likely” because it’s difficult to predict exactly where Marvel will take Kamala now they’ve changed her powers, but on the balance of probabilities, she didn’t time travel.

Why do we believe that? Well, the MCU may have given Kamala energy-based abilities for their new TV series. They’ve kept them related to her comicbook counterpart’s powers. As such, we’ve seen her create giant fists and stretch.

The only real power MCU Kamala has that comics Kamala doesn’t have is energy constructs, and we can’t see – short of making a TARDIS out of purple energy – how that would help her time travel.

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So what did happen to Kamala?

So if Kamala didn’t time travel, what did happen to her? We believe this is, in fact, just another vision – albeit an incredibly detailed one – that will fill Kamala in on exactly what happened to her great grandmother on the night of partition.

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This makes sense not just because of Kamala’s powers but also narratively. The series is moving into the endgame now. Realistically, a vision of what happened is probably the neatest way of showing us that fateful night without Najma just dropping a load of exposition.

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