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Morbius slammed by Marvel fans after screening

Following a fan screening, the first reactions for Morbius are in, and unfortunately viewers have all agreed that it doesn't look very good.

Morbius slammed by Marvel fans after screening

The action movie Morbius has had a long road towards the big screen, and unfortunately, it looks like its struggle isn’t over just yet. Following a UK fan screening for the Marvel film, the vampire flick was pretty much, for lack of a better word, slammed by the majority of viewers who got the chance to see it.

Directed by Daniel Espinosa (Safe House) and starring Jared Leto as the titular character, Morbius is a story centred around a vampiric anti-hero who inherits strange powers while trying to cure his rare blood disease. Initially set for release in July 2020 and then pushed back to March 2021, before being further delayed to April 1 2022, fans have been waiting patiently to see the thriller movie.

Taking to Twitter, many viewers attending the screening expressed disappointment after their long wait. Fans repeatedly brought up issues such as lacking CGI, and a sub-par plot. Another point of contention with the film was its confusing post-credit scene which left many concerned at the state of Sony’s Spider-Verse.

Journalist Sab Astley commented on the film’s plot, deeming it a “snooze fest” and “featuring some of the worst post-credits scenes” you’ll see.

Similarly, Escape Film Club stated how the fantasy movie‘s structure lacked the basic building blocks to craft a solid movie, and instead opted for style over substance.

It wasn’t necessarily all bad, though. Nicola Austin pointed out that Matt Smith, who plays Morbius’ childhood friend turned rival Loxias Crown/Hunger in the film, was the shining light in an otherwise weak entry to Sony’s Spider-Verse.

As you can see, the public hasn’t been kind to Morbius so far. However, who knows, the film could still shock us all and raise expectations once reviews for the movie officially go live. We will keep you posted on any updates.

Morbius is set to fly its way into cinemas on March 31 in the UK and on April 1 in the US.