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Oscar Isaac “gratified” by replies to Moon Knight’s mental health plot

Oscar Isaac has spoken about the response to Moon Knight and the mental health depictions in the Disney Plus MCU show, and gratifying it was

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight on Disney Plus

The MCU TV series Moon Knight tackles some difficult subject matter in its depictions of dissociative identity disorder and mental illness. Oscar Isaac, who stars in the Disney Plus show, has spoken about the reaction he’s received for the project.

“I’ve heard from quite a few systems actually – which is the term for people with DID and the system that holds the alters,” he told Gold Derby, “and they feel really seen and represented specifically.” In Moon Knight, the condition manifests as several personalities within the body of Marc Spector, with each one having a distinct voice, mannerisms, and set of abilities.

Much of the series is dedicated to how difficult this can all make navigating life, especially when you get mixed up with Egyptian gods and a cult leader like Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow. Isaac states that many have found aspects of themselves reflected in his performance. “People that don’t necessarily have dissociative identity disorder, but have suffered different traumas through their life, different battles with mental health,” he says. “That we could use a platform this massive to tell a story about that, I’ve been very moved by some of those responses and really gratified because that was the goal.”

Isaac and the producers behind Moon Knight had been talking about the steps they were taking to get everything right. Such a complex subject requires careful consideration, and it sounds like it worked for many of the target audience.

Moon Knight is part of MCU Phase 4. It preceded Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and Ms Marvel. You can start following the latter on Disney Plus now. It’s all go in the MCU this year, with Thor: Love and Thunder coming to theatres in July as well.

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