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James Gunn kind of regrets making this fan favourite Drax joke

James Gunn the man behind the Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel movies has admitted to kind of regretting a fan favourite joke in Avengers Infinity War

Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

Have you ever watched a brilliant comedy movie with a friend, and there was one joke that you both loved? Then a week later, your friends still quoting the same joke, and it’s gone from side-splitting to smirk-inducing, and then six months later, they’re still repeating it, and you want to pull their teeth out?

No, just me? Well, don’t worry, I’m in fine company because one of the brilliant minds behind one of the best Marvel movies agrees with me. James Gunn has admitted he almost regrets making a silly joke about one of the best MCU characters, Drax.

Specifically, he appears to have grown tired of hearing jokes about Drax being invisible. Gunn admitted this when a fan asked him if he intends on paying off the invisibility joke in Infinity War in a future MCU movie.

“Between the daily barrage of repetitive invisible jokes about John Cena in addition [to] the ones about Dave,” he tweeted. “I almost regret making the joke in the first place.”

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If you’re wondering what the Cena stuff is about. Back when Cena was a wrestler, he had a catchphrase, “you can’t see me”, which over time evolved into a meme. Cena’s work with Gunn on the TV series Peacemaker and the serendipity of the aforementioned ‘Drax is invisible joke’ led to people online grinding the joke into the dust.

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