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Italian Morbius motion poster is the coolest thing about movie so far

A 3D moving billboard advertising Morbius in Milan is the coolest thing we've seen so far connected to the upcoming Jared Leto vampire movie

Morbius Jared Leto

A 3D moving billboard poster in Milan has officially become the coolest thing we’ve seen associated with Sony’s upcoming Marvel movie Morbius thus far. Hopes haven’t exactly been high for the much-delayed villainous vampire movie starring Jared Leto, but the creature design looks pretty gnarly. The poster features the vamp version of Morbius tearing and breaking through the ‘paper’ of the poster, trying to escape.

Originally set for release in July 2020, then pushed to March 2021, Morbius will finally land on April 1, 2022. Leto plays Dr. Michael Morbius, a man who suffers from a rare blood condition and becomes obsessive about finding a cure. The cure is – obviously – vampire bats and surprise (!) this leads to some knock-on effects such as super strength and speed.

After the success of the two Venom movies, Sony has decided to expand its roster of films based on Spider-Man’s rogue’s gallery of villains. After Morbius, there will be also be Kraven the Hunter and Madame Web. Confusingly, while the protagonists are themselves villains, there are also villains in opposition to the central villains. In Morbius’ case, this is Loxias Crown (Matt Smith).

Fans are expecting Venom to make a cameo in Morbius, and we already know that Vulture (Michael Keaton) definitely rears his head, raising all kinds of questions about how the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters (SPUMC, an acronym we will never tire of) crosses over with the MCU.

You can see the cool 3D poster in the tweet from Morbius Updates below;

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