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Is Nick Fury’s wife a Skrull in Secret Invasion episode 2?

Here we bring you our Secret Invasion 2 ending explained and figure out the answer to the question on every MCU fan's mind, is Nick Fury's wife a Skrull.

Nick Fury in Secret Invasion

Is Nick Fury’s wife a Skrull in Secret Invasion? If you’re up to date with Secret Invasion (you should be, otherwise we’ll spoil lots of stuff here!) you were probably taken aback by its shocking episode 2 ending.

Not only does spy Nick Fury have a secret wife, but there’s something even more wild revealed. What does this mean for the Marvel series‘ conflict and the Marvel Cinematic Universe at large?

If you’re on board with the Secret Invasion release schedule and have seen episode 2, let us dig into the Secret Invasion episode 2 ending explained.

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Is Nick Fury’s wife a Skrull?

Nick Fury’s wife Priscilla, is actually a Skrull. Her true identity was revealed in Secret Invasion episode 2.

We have only been crumbs about her existence in the MCU before now, but in episode 2 we get to meet her, and find out she’s not human, which definitely complicates the war brewing. Fury arrives home and makes his way through to the kitchen, where after a moment of tension the couple embrace.

Timeline-wise, this doesn’t create any issues. The Skrulls arrived during the events of Captain Marvel, so Nick feasibly could have met her at any point after that, and she could be the same wife he referred to in Captain America: The Winter Soldier when he jokingly says his “wife kicked me out” during a scene in Steve Rogers’ apartment early on.

What will Nick’s wife have to say about Nick’s side? And will she have any loyalty to Gravik’s camp? We’ll have to wait and see. For a breakdown of everything else that happened this week, be sure to check out our Secret Invasion episode 2 recap.

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