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Logan director doesn’t love that Hugh Jackman’s returning as Wolverine

Hugh Jackman's playing Wolverine one last time for Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds, and Logan director James Mangold kind of wishes what's done would be done.

Hugh Jackman in Logan

We’re all excited about Hugh Jackman‘s comeback as Wolverine – all except perhaps James Mangold. The director of Logan, easily a highlight of the 20th Century’s X-Men output, isn’t especially keen on the Marvel movie machine.

“I can’t say that there’s a part of me that doesn’t wish that we’d let it be, but there was always going to be another Wolverine,” he tells Variety. “There could be a baby Wolverine and a cartoon Wolverine. As much liquid as they can squeeze out of that rag, they’re going to try to.”

Part of us agrees, because Logan was so good. Not only one of the best superhero movies of the last decade, but one of the best Westerns as well, giving Jackman a violent yet empathetic send off for the role that defined his career.

Mangold knows the X-Men movies aren’t done, and the MCU machine will keep turning, but he created the full stop he wanted. “I don’t measure my success on a movie like Logan with whether we ended the conversation. I ended my conversation,” he says.

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Really, with franchises like the MCU and DCU, that’s all filmmakers can hope to do. Iterations of X-Men characters and DC characters and MCU characters will permeate forever, but the stories actors, writers, and directors tell can have start and end points. Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies feel complete within the overall canon, and Mangold’s Logan does the same for that era of Wolvie.

Jackman will be reprising the mutant in Deadpool 3, alongside Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth. Them working together has been a fan desire for years, so there’s a lot of excitement, even if the last shot of Logan was the perfect ending.

You can see Mangold’s next project when the Indiana Jones 5 release date comes around. Keep an eye on our guide on Marvel’s Phase 5 to see what else is coming from Marvel Studios. Our new movies and best movies list will keep you satisfied for the silver screen, as well.