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Infinity War has a hilarious overlooked mistake featuring Tony Stark

Avengers Infinity War contains some of the MCU's greatest scenes, but one of them has an error involving Tony Stark that's hilarious.

Whatever you might think of the MCU, Avengers Infinity War and Endgame are incredible feats of filmmaking. Bringing together that many characters, on that scale, was a not a job for the faint of heart, and while imperfect, Joe and Anthony Russo did an amazing job directing. That all said, Tony Stark has a continuity error that’s quite funny.

Tony’s facial hair is an iconic facet of his time in the MCU. His moustache could even rank among the best Marvel characters, if it did anything other than make Robert Downey Jr look even more handsome. As the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist of the Marvel movies, Tony made sure his ‘tache was always in good nick. So much so, he actually had a quick trim fighting Thanos!

As pointed out on Reddit, Tony’s battle against the seismic Marvel villain involves a cut between his pure black grizzle, and a much tighter cut. All in his Iron Man suit! That’s one efficient armor ensemble.

Side-by-side, the stills are pretty hilarious. Of course, it’s not something most people would ever notice; I must confess I hadn’t, and I saw the tectonic superhero movie more than once in cinemas.

Tony Stark in Avengers Infinity War

Alas, it’s the kind of thing that’s unavoidable when it comes to film production of any level. Next picture you watch, keep an eye on food, cigarettes, and any clocks, you’ll often see changes cut to cut, as different takes are edited together to provide the best version of the scene.

What likely happened here was that Downey Jr did some reshoots of the action movie, and when he came back, his goatee was trimmer for other scenes, and they just had to make do. At least his power isn’t stored in how robust his moustache is, otherwise the fight with the Mad Titan could’ve gone a lot worse.

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Whatever the case, that battle still rules, and now you’ve got one more fact to point out to anyone you watch it with. No shame – I’ve annoyed many friends with facts I’ve gleamed from absorbing every piece of information on a film I can. I make great company for any viewing party, promise!

The MCU has since moved away from Tony and Thanos. You can find out what’s coming with our guide to upcoming Marvel movies. Our guides to the Echo release date and Deadpool 3 will tell you about those oncoming chapters, as well. Just keep an eye our for everyone’s beards!