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Lost star finally makes peace with the ending of the TV series

One of the most controversial TV series endings, Lost is remembered a little differently from person to person. But this star has finally made peace with it.

Evangeline Lilly and Matthew Fox as Kate and Jack in Lost

Lost changed television as we know it. One of the best thriller series, its mystery made use of Easter eggs, fan conspiracy theories, and unravelling series-long twists before those things were known as winning formulas on some of the best TV series like Yellowjackets.

We’re hoping Yellowjackets is learning from Lost’s mistakes, though, because the show’s series finale wasn’t a universal success among its devotees.

Often cited as one of the iffiest TV series endings of all time, Lost’s farewell hampered its legacy in the eyes of some fans. But this one star has finally made peace with it.

Harold Perrineau, who played the Lost character Michael, told ComicBook “back in the day, I was a little frustrated about it for the character, for Michael and for Walt. But, the thing that I think about, the people who are writing it and I really do appreciate it,” he continued, “you get on this ride that you become emotionally attached to.”

“So for six years, you know, you’re just on this, this exciting thing is happening for you and however it ends, it doesn’t change that you just had six years of this roller coaster ride. So my stance has changed in that, like the ending really doesn’t matter, but that you got to go on this journey really does. I think it was a really smart way to consider the finale of Lost.”

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