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Last Night in Soho might be Edgar Wright’s first 18 rated movie

The BBFC had Last Night in Soho down for "strong bloody violence"

Last Night in Soho

It looks like Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho might be his first film to be rated 18 in the UK. In a now deleted update, the British Board of Film Certification had listed the horror movie as 18, for “strong bloody violence”.

The posting was caught by Twitter user John Aldridge, who tweeted at Wright about this being the famed thriller movie director’s first film to get such a rating. Though the BBFC no longer has Last Night in Soho on its public database – only the 15 rating for the trailer is viewable – Wright liked Aldridge’s tweet, suggesting the rating is true, but going public was pre-emptive.

It’s not surprising to see Last Night in Soho being flagged for having a bit of blood – Wright’s films, particularly his British ones, tend to be a little garish. But an 18 rating is interesting. Last Night in Soho is particularly high concept for him, with body horror, time travel, psychic powers, and more crammed into its send up of the swingin’ ’60s.

Anya Taylor-Joy plays the lead, Eloise, a singer in London in 1966 whose body Thomasin McKenzie’s Eloise Turner is transported into. While exploring life in London from 50 years ago, realities past and presents start to collide and everything falls apart. What, could nobody head to the Winchester for a pint and wait for it all to blow over?

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Reviews thus far have been positive. In her review for us of the premiere at the Venice International Film Festival this year, Steph Green called it “messy but entertaining”.

Regardless, we’ll find out just how bloody and violent Last Night in Soho is when it open in theatres October 29. Here are the best Amazon Prime horror movies, and the best Netflix horror movies, for some chills in the meantime.