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Kingsman 3 will start filming next year

Kingsman writer and director Matthew Vaughn has said that Kingsman 3 will start filming in September next year

The Kingsman 3 starts filming in September

After four years of waiting, Kingsman 3 is finally set to start filming. Director Matthew Vaughn told Comicbook.com that they’re “all set to go”, adding that filming will begin in September. Vaughn wouldn’t be drawn on revealing any more details about the upcoming action movie, although he did say it would wrap up Eggsy’s (Taron Egerton) story.

It’s been a long road to the big screen for Kingsman 3, provisionally titled Kingsman: The Blue Blood. Vaughn first announced the sequel in 2017, after the release of The Golden Circle, and he said he wanted Dwayne Johnson to be the villain. The film seemed to fall into development hell following the Disney-Fox acquisition and Covid pandemic, but Vaughn maintained it was still in development.

We’ve known a script has existed for a number of years. “I’m really not allowed to say anything, but there is a script,” Egerton explained to a panel at ACE Comic Con Midwest in 2019. “It’s a really neat idea. That plan, at the moment, is that we’d like to do another one, one more time.”

We also know that Egerton isn’t the only member of the cast who’ll be slipping on his Oxford brogues one last time. Colin Firth is also set to return as Eggy’s mentor Harry Hart with eh film apparently serving as “the conclusion of the Harry Hart-Eggsy relationship”.

Eggsy may be bowing out of the comedy movie franchise, but there’s life in the Kingsman series yet. A prequel, The King’s Man, starring Ralph Fiennes, is set for release this Christmas and will examine the origins of the secret organisation. Another spin-off, focusing on the Statesman, the American equivalent of the Kingsman group, is also in development.

The King’s Man hits theatres on December 26. If you love spy movies, check out our James Bond case file.