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Kevin Costner has started filming his new Western

Kevin Costner was reportedly recently in a dispute with Paramount over taking time away from Yellowstone to make his new movie, well he's started filming it.

Kevin Costner

Following some recent controversy surrounding whether Kevin Costner would or wouldn’t be continuing with his starring role in Yellowstone, due to the time commitments required, he is forging ahead with his new Western movie. Costner famously directed one of the best Westerns of all time, Dances with Wolves (1990), winning Best Picture and Best Director. Since then, he has only directed a further two movies – The Postman (1997) and Open Range (2003).

Now, for the first time in twenty years, Costner is back in the directing chair with what looks set to be an epic Western, spanning 15 years and surrounding the Civil War period. Costner has amassed an enviable cast which includes (deep breath) Abbey Lee, Jena Malone, Sienna Miller, Michael Rooker, Giovanni Ribisi, Avatar‘s Sam Worthington, Orphan‘s Isabelle Fuhrman, Stranger Things‘ Jamie Campbell Bower, Danny Huston, Luke Wilson, Will Patton, and Thomas Haden Church.

Costner also co-wrote the script and will star in the new Western movie, which is called Horizon. It’s therefore understandable that he needs time away from leading the Yellowstone cast in order to complete the movie, which certainly sounds as though it will take a while to film.

An Instagram user who is based in Utah has spotted one of the filming locations, which is currently filled with a good old fashioned wagon train. Westerns have had something of a comeback in recent years, with Tom Hanks starring in News of the World, Nicolas Cage starring in no less than two (Butcher’s Crossing and The Old Way), Christian Bale starring in Hostiles, and The Power of the Dog being nominated for Best Picture and winning Best Director.

While we wait to hear more regarding Costner’s new western, including a potential release date, check out our guide to the best war movies.