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This Keanu Reeves movie inspired an Iron Maiden song

Keanu Reeves' role as the titular character in 2005 movie Constantine was the basis of Iron Maiden song Days of Future Past, according to Bruce Dickinson.

Despite not being part of the DC Extended Universe, Keanu Reeves’ 2005 performance in Constantine has developed a cult following in the past few years. One person the horror movie has especially influenced is Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, who was so impacted by Reeves’ portrayal of the titular character that he made Constantine the focus of a song in Senjutsu, the heavy metal band’s 17th album.

Constantine was the directorial debut of Francis Lawrence, who has since directed thrillers like I Am Legend, The Hunger Games, and Red Sparrow among others. Based on DC’s Hellblazer comic, the action film stars Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, an exorcist and occult expert with the supernatural ability to perceive and communicate with angels and demons.

In the movie, Constantine, who has terminal lung cancer, says that when he committed suicide as a teenager, he was revived but in turn was damned to Hell – because suicide is a mortal sin. He requests an extension to his life despite his terminal diagnosis for using his supernatural powers to fight demons who walk the earth.

In an interview with Revolver, Dickinson said that Reeves’ portrayal of the character and the movie was the direct influence for Iron Maiden song Days of Future Past. “I thought it would be interesting to turn it on its head, the situation in which [Constatine] found himself in as a person who is destined to walk the earth until he gets his shit together,” Dickinson explains. “And to say, ‘Well, hang on a minute; just exactly who appointed God to do this in the first place? What right does he have to pull all this crap on people?'”

In a further interview with Polygon regarding the song, Dickinson added: “So, it’s a wasteland. Who is wandering? And he’s gotta be pissed off? Maybe he’s gonna live forever? Who’s that gonna be? Oh, shit! It’s Keanu Reeves’ Constantine. It’s a great story, Constantine. I even thought it existed in the Bible, but it doesn’t. It should, though. Someone should write The Book of Constantine and put it in the Bible.”

Although another iteration of Constantine, played by Matt Ryan, is an established part of the Arrowverse (the CW’s DC television series multiverse), the character is yet to make another appearance on the big screen.

So, with Reeves previously expressing interest in reprising the role for a sequel, the idea of his version of Constatine joining the DC Extended Universe certainly isn’t impossible — that is, if the MCU don’t snap him up first. Either way, we’re sure Iron Maiden would be on board to do the soundtrack!