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The Continental trailer teases stylish John Wick prequel TV series

The first teaser trailer for John Wick prequel The Continental has been released, and they certainly want us to know it's set in 1970s New York.

The Continental

The first teaser trailer for the 1970s-set John Wick prequel series The Continental has been released, and it looks as though Studio 54 will be infiltrated by gun toting assassins. The teaser is set to Donna Summer’s I Feel Love, and it looks as though it will be dripping with all of the glitter, mirror balls, aviators, fur coats and platform boots that you’d expect from a series set in 70s New York.

The teaser is billing The Continental as a “three-part event.” We are shown a quick montage of images that include a man in red-tinted sunglasses, a pair of creepy twins with severe hairstyles, a woman with a mask covering the bottom half of her face, and a man wielding a samurai sword (Kill Bill vibes, anyone?). And of course there’s the famous ‘horse in Studio 54’ moment – it wouldn’t be a project set in 70s New York without it.

The teaser ends with our first proper look at Colin Woodell as young Winston (who of course is played by Ian McShane in the action movie series). He is wearing Winston’s signature long overcoat. The teaser informs us that “check-in begins September 2023.”

The teaser doesn’t give us a proper look at any of the actors really, including Mel Gibson (who plays Cormac) or Katie McGrath (who plays The Adjudicator). Although it’s possible that McGrath is the figure we see with the half-face mask – which is reminiscent of the one Jack Huston wears as Richard Harrow in Boardwalk Empire.

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John Wick 4 has been a huge critical and commercial success, and is currently the third highest grossing new movie of the year – which is very unusual for an R-rated movie. A spin-off movie starring Ana de Armas, and called Ballerina is set for release in 2024.

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