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Jennifer Aniston dashes our hopes with the one sequel she’ll never do

Jennifer Aniston has crushed the dreams of long-time horror movie fans as she shares which sequel for one of her most iconic movies she'll never do.

Jennifer Aniston dashes our hopes with the one sequel she'll never do

Whether it is some of the best movies in comedy or hit TV series, Jennifer Aniston has captured all of our hearts over the course of her career thanks to her talent and iconic roles.

Some may know her as Rachel from Friends, while others recall her performance in the rom-com Just Go with It. No matter which project you saw her in, chances are it left an impression in your memory. However, despite playing some of pop culture’s most beloved characters, Aniston isn’t to keen about revisiting her past – especially when it comes to a certain horror movie.

While promoting the new movie Murder Mystery 2, Aniston shared two sequels from her past that never happened. The first was a follow-up to the 2013 comedy movie We’re the Millers. “There was talk about that,” she explained to Yahoo UK. “But that one didn’t happen.”

But, the other title that the star mentioned to the publication was none other than Leprechaun. And unfortunately for fans of the IP, Aniston put her foot down with the monster movies and hinted that we won’t ever see her in a Leprechaun movie again.

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Leprechaun is a ’90s movie that gave us Aniston’s big-screen debut, and has already spawned seven sequels. However, despite the slew of follow-up titles (shout out to Leprechaun 4: In Space), Aniston only appeared in the first thriller movie, leaving many fans to wonder if we would ever see her return to the franchise.

“I had had it with leprechauns,” she said before breaking into a light Irish accent. “That was enough luck for me.”

So it is bad news for all you fans of the cult films. Fans can now watch Aniston’s latest film, Murder Mystery 2, on the streaming service Netflix. For more quality picks, here are our guides to the best spy movies and the best werewolf movies of all time.