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Jake Gyllenhaal likes that Donnie Darko’s ending is so strange

Donnie Darko is one of the weirdest, most confusing movies ever, but that's what makes it so amazing, and Jake Gyllenhaal clearly agrees

Jake Gyllenhaal likes that Donnie Darko's ending is so strange

I should preface this news story by revealing that I consider Donnie Darko to be one of the best movies of all time, and will not be held responsible for how many superlatives I use to describe the epic time travel movie here. Donnie Darko is weird as hell and super confusing, but that’s what makes it so amazing, and Jake Gyllenhaal clearly agrees with that sentiment.

The actor has enjoyed an incredible career so far, taking on a diverse range of brilliant roles. But, if it wasn’t for Donnie Darko back in 2001, it’s hard to imagine where the star would be today.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the actor reflected on his many roles in the movie industry, and when the topic of Donnie Darko came up, he admits that the science fiction movie has a strange ending, but says he likes that.

“I remember finishing the script of Donnie Darko and I went, ‘I don’t know if I want to meet with this person,'” Gyllenhall joked. “I went upstairs and there was this really lovely, regular guy [Richard Kelly, director of Donnie Darko],” he adds.

“The next day he offered me the movie, and so began what I regard as one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had in making a film,” Gyllenhall continued. “I think it’s a movie about the power of the unconscious and the power of growing up and what that means,” the actor explained.

“This was an expression of adolescence that felt far from typical, but felt so much more true to me,” Gyllenhaal revealed. “The end of that movie will bring up, and has brought up so many questions. To me, that’s a successful story. And, I just like that it’s a movie that messes with you a bit,” he concluded.

Indeed, Donnie Darko is not your average coming-of-age-movie by any means, but the ambiguity and mystery of that incredible story is what has allowed that movie to achieve such a cult status today. Not knowing all the answers is absolutely part of the fun, and is the reason I’ve watched Donnie Darko over a hundred times (no, seriously).