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Jackass Forever ending explained

Jackass Forever is the swansong for Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Dave England and company - how doe the movie end, and what's the tribute in the credits?

Jackass Forever ending explained

What happens at the end of Jackass Forever? As is tradition for the Jackass crew, their latest comedy movie goes out with a bang – literally. A certain number are strapped in for a battle of wits, while the rest reign down hellfire, creating an intense blowout to signify another motion picture in the can from the classic gross-out TV series.

Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee Man, Dave England, everyone is involved in one way around for the display, a raucous crescendo to another audacious adventure movie as only they can deliver. Everyone looks worse for wear, but such is the life in being part of Jackass. It’s not for the faint of heart, either to take part or to watch.

Once that’s all done, we cut to a loving tribute in the credits. Who’s the former Jackass member the film is affectionately dedicated to? And what exactly happens in that last, incredible set-piece. Get your helmet on, because although we aren’t recreating any of those stunts, explaining them can be its own kind of treacherous.

What happens in the Jackass Forever ending?

In the final stunt, several of the group, including Dave England, Steve-O, and Sean ‘Poopies’ McInerney, race to drink a gallon of milk. This isn’t any old sprint, however: they must down their dairy while strapped to a merry-go-round.

Milk and vomit go everywhere, and as they’re all getting dizzy, Johnny Knoxville pops up with a surprise attack. Suddenly paintballs are flying everywhere, and Wee Man is in a tank, plowing through anyone that steps in his way.

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As it all winds down, everyone clearly ready for it all to be over, an explosion goes off. How’s that for going out with a bang? We hear the signature Jackass guitar riff for a second time, and it’s all over.

That’s not quite what lingers in the mind afterwards, though. That much stems from a credits which contain a loving tribute to one Ryan Dunn, a former member of the Jackass crew.

Jackass Forever ending explained: Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera in Jackass 3

Who is Ryan Dunn?

An OG part of the cast of Jackass, Ryan Dunn was extensively featured in the show and the first three movies. He became part of the group through his involvement with the CKY home videos that mixed skateboarding with bizarre pranks and stunts. The best friend of Bam Margera, the two would frequently share footage together.

During the credits for Jackass Forever, we’re treated to archive footage from one of the earlier films. Dunn is driving an electric scooter around their production office, as Knoxville and others laugh in the background. The scooter gets caught on bits of furniture, and eventually he manages to ram into Knoxville himself, who goes into hysterics.

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In 2011, Ryan Dunn was killed in a car crash, along with Zachary Hartwell, an assistant on Jackass Number Two. There was a sense coming into Jackass Forever that this was a way for the group to say a final goodbye to each other, and finally let Jackass as a concept go. They might not get another chance.

At the end of the credits, a picture of Dunn pops up, with the subtitle ‘Ryan Dunn forever’. Truly, if there’s anything to take away from Jackass Forever, it’s that you should never turn down one last hurrah, because it might genuinely be the final opportunity.

Jackass Forever ending explained: Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Dave England, and Chris Pontius in Jackass Forever

Will there be a Jackass 4.5?

As a closing chapter, Jackass Forever isn’t just about the theatrical release. The home video version will, as is typical of the Jackass films, include a raft of ideas that didn’t make the cut, for any number of reasons.

“Oh it’s stacked! It is great,” Knoxville told ScreenRant on the possibility of an extended cut. “There’s so many great bits that did not make this film. So it’s stacked. You’re going to like it.”

Perhaps we’ll get more remnants of Dunn’s time with the group. Or maybe it’s just a bunch of poop and penis bits that they couldn’t get clearance for. The beautiful thing about Jackass is you just never know.