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Are the Mauler Twins dead in Invincible?

Invincible season 2 has finally kicked off, and Mark Grayson is already giving some villains a bad day. This includes the Mauler Twins, who might be done for.

The Mauler Twins in Invincible

Are the Mauler Twins dead in Invincible? At long last, Invincible season 2 is here, and it starts with a bang, literally! A huge explosion brings the opening episode crashing halt, leaving many dead, and Mark Grayson staring at the blood on his hands.

Just another day for Invincible, the star of the best animated series on Amazon Prime right now. Antagonists the Mauler Twins are caught in the blast, leaving them one half down, with the other badly injured. It’s the kind of thing that separates Invincible from so many of the best superhero movies; blood, guts, and consequences are real. But, are the Mauler Twins really dead? They’ve taken a real bump, but don’t count them out just yet.

Are the Mauler Twins dead?

No, the Mauler Twins are not dead! At least, not completely. One of them survived the blast caused by Invincible and Angstrom Levy, though he’s now badly deformed.

In typical fashion for the villainous duo, the deal the Mauler Twins made with Angstrom Levy backfired. They helped him make his multiverse engine so he could combine knowledge across multiple timelines, but then Invincible had to get involved.

Mauler Twins, from several timelines, started beating up the hero, and Angstrom decided he didn’t want his plan to be born from bloodshed, so he took his helmet off, causing a total meltdown. Almost everyone died – including one of the Maulers.

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What will become of that surviving twin in the Amazon Prime series? Well, he probably won’t be alone for long. The Mauler Twins perpetually clone themselves whenever one dies, making it impossible to track who’s the original and who’s the clone.

Now, though, they can tell which one’s the original because he’s so badly scarred. But don’t count on that sticking – you can count on the next Mauler clone finding a way to even the score.

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