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Harrison Ford confirms what we already knew, it’s fine to punch Nazis

The Indiana Jones movies have long made it clear how cool it is to punch Nazis right in the face, and Harrison Ford is unequivocal about punching fascists now.

Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5

The Indiana Jones movies have long been bastions of the age-old moral imperative that punching Nazis is good, actually. Harrison Ford, who’s always portrayed Indiana Jones on the big screen, confirmed that once again, you should give fascists what-for.

The action movie icon confirmed as much to Yahoo, during an interview for Indiana Jones 5. Ford’s asked about the modern resurgence of Nazis, in various forms, who’ve been boldly proliferating fascistic views. Would Indiana Jones punch one of these losers? Yes, and he’d push you out of the way to make sure he got a clean shot.

“He’d push them out of the way to get in the first punch – as well he should,” Ford says. “That was a black-and-white world. This evil presented itself to the world. It’s incalculable that this vision of evil not be confronted.”

“As well he should” indeed. Ford addresses the movie villain from Dial of Destiny, a former Nazi scientist who works for NASA during the events of the film, and how that creates ambiguity.

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“To see a threat of it in 1969, to know that Wernher von Braun was a Nazi and worked for America on the space program after all we knew about his history and who he associated with. I mean, these are shades of gray in a world we’d thought was black and white,” Ford muses. Mads Mikkelsen portrays Werner, presenting a difficult threat for Indy’s last hurrah.

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