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Indiana Jones 5 will be what “everyone wants”, says producer

Long-time producer of the Indiana Jones franchise, Frank Marshall, had shared that the new movie won't disappoint fans of the adventure movies

Indiana Jones 5 will be what "everyone wants", says producer

Long-time producer of the Indiana Jones franchise, Frank Marshall, has come forward to assure fans that Indy’s upcoming adventure won’t disappoint. In an interview with A.frame, Marshall discussed the long-awaited action movie, Indiana Jones 5, and revealed that the upcoming film has everything that “everybody wants out of an Indiana Jones movie.”

Indiana Jones 5 is the first film in the franchise that will not be directed by Steven Spielberg. Instead, the flick is helmed by James Mangold, and will see Harrison Ford back as the titular explorer wearing his iconic fedora for what is presumably his last big adventure. Any Indiana Jones movie is highly anticipated. However, there is extra excitement around the upcoming title as it has been over a decade since the last adventure movie in the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, hit the big screen.

However, Marshall, who also served as producer on the first Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, in 1981, isn’t afraid of letting down fans. In fact, he believes that Indiana Jones 5 will tick all of us cinephiles’ movie boxes.

“It’s a great story, it’s a great character, and I think you’re going to be very happy with this movie,” Marshall said. “It’s everything I think that everybody wants out of an Indiana Jones movie.”

Marshall’s words do feel reassuring as the creative was there for the beginning of Indy’s adventure back in the ‘80s. So, it makes sense that he would be able to lead the ending of his treasure hunting run in the present day too.

“Making Raiders was really; I’d say, my favourite experience of making a movie. There was a whole lot of firsts on that movie,” Marshall said. “And staying with Indy all these years has just made it a real pleasure. To be able to now do another one has just been fantastic.”

Indiana Jones 5 hits theatres on June 30, 2023.