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Live-action remake of Disney’s Hercules coming from Guy Ritchie

The inevitable live-action version of Disney's Hercules has found a director in Guy Ritchie, who helmed the smash-hit success Aladdin


After Guy Ritchie’s Disney live-action remake Aladdin starring Will Smith grossed over a billion dollars, the British director is returning to the House of Mouse to adapt 1997’s Hercules. Based on the Greek myth, the animated movie features beloved characters such as Hades (and his minions Pain and Panic), Zeus, Apollo, Hera, Meg, the Muses, and Phil (a satyr played by Danny DeVito).

Speculation over who could play Hercules, who has super-strength, has already begun on social media. One clue could be that this new movie is being produced by Joe and Anthony Russo’s company, which might suggest a Super-Chris – but their regular collaborators Evans and Hemsworth are surely too old for the role.

Another option might be Reacher’s Alan Ritchson, but again he’s too old. A lesser-known shout is Zane Phillips (who seems to be in his 20s), who has a supporting role in rom-com Fire Island on Hulu. Fans of the original Hercules will be especially keen to see the casting of Meg, and the Muses. While Hercules isn’t considered among the top-tier of Disney classics, the Muses’ songs are certainly a lasting highlight.

Hercules is just the latest in a long line of live-action Disney adaptations, which no one appears to be clamouring for, but always make bank at the box office. They are being green-lit at an alarming rate, with upcoming ones including The Little Mermaid (starring Halle Bailey), Snow White (starring Rachel Zegler), Pinocchio, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood (directed by Carlos Lopez Estrada), and Peter Pan & Wendy (directed by David Lowery).

The live-action juggernaut shows no signs of stopping, and there’s even a Cruella 2 on the way. In the animation wing, the next Disney movie will be Strange World.

While we wait to find out more about who will be cast as Hercules, Hades, Meg, and the Muses, check out our guide to the best Disney movies.