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Hellraiser 2022 director confirms that “every Cenobite is practical”

David Bruckner, who directed the new Hellraiser movie, has been discussing its practical effects, choosing a woman to play Pinhead, and streaming releases

Pinhead in Hellraiser (2022)

David Bruckner, who directed the new Hellraiser movie set to be released on Hulu on October 7, has been talking to The Hollywood Reporter about Predator prequel Prey‘s release giving him confidence, having a Pinhead who is woman, and about creating the Cenobites practically.

“We always knew that [a female Pinhead] made sense given the history of the franchise and the kinds of fans that have embraced it. It was also a way for us to not replicate Doug Bradley’s incredible, iconic performance. There had been a lot of precedent in the Hellraiser franchise. The original book that it’s based on, The Hellbound Heart, was suggestive of a female Pinhead, and the comic books also explored the idea.”

Regarding Prey’s release on Hulu, Brucker says; “It’s fascinating because Prey is such a unique way into a Predator movie. And given the fact that the landscape is constantly changing where film distribution is concerned, if a streaming release allows us to take a creative risk that we may not have been able to do otherwise, then I’m fully embracing of that, as a creator.”

Regarding practical vs CGI effects, Brucker says; “Every puzzle box is practical, and every Cenobite is practical. We had a very practical approach to the film that’s in keeping with the franchise, but there was VFX augmentation. There were moments where we leaned into digital, but we tried to be very, very judicious as to when that would happen.”

“In horror especially, CGI can really pull you out of the experience. You really need that extra 10 percent of belief when you’re watching something to really ingest the anxiety and the fear of a particular image. Your lizard brain has to believe, so to speak.”

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