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Harry Potter TV series reboot might be coming to HBO

A Harry Potter TV series that reboots the fantasy movies is in development at Warner Bros, potentially for HBO if negotiations continue strong.

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter

We all knew it was coming, and now it’s apparently on the way. Harry Potter is getting a reboot, and instead of fantasy movies, it’ll be a fantasy series on HBO. Bloomberg reports a TV series is in development that’ll cover the seven main Harry Potter books.

The outlet states negotiations are ongoing, but the plan is for the thriller series to essentially cover a school year per season, allowing for at least seven seasons. This tracks with the Harry Potter books, each of which follows Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione during an academic year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Deadline has confirmed that author JK Rowling is in talks for a producer role on the project. She maintains relatively strict control over the franchise. Given we’re at an early stage, it remains to be seen what the Harry Potter cast looks like here.

Going back to the start for the Boy Who Lived was the expected move here. Franchise prequels the Fantastic Beasts films have had diminishing returns, themselves marred in some controversy as Johnny Depp was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen for the most recent installment.

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Nostalgia is a powerful drug, and given the first adventure movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, came out over 20 years ago now, there’s a huge audience just waiting to get back on the Hogwarts Express. Recently we’ve had open-world game Hogwarts Legacy, and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is still running on the West End.

It appears the magic will be returning to your screen sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you updated. Have a look at our best Harry Potter characters list to see if your fave’s on it, and our new movies and best movies list for more great entertainment.