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Harrison Ford made an iconic entrance onto the Indiana Jones 5 set

Harrison Ford arrived on the set of the new movie Indiana Jones 5 the Dial of Destiny in an iconic fashion. Strut your stuff, Harrison, you've earned it.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

The new movies in this summer’s slate are helping 2023 shape up to be a great year for blockbuster cinema. Barbie, Oppenheimer, Fast and Furious 10… we’re spoiled for choice. And, of course, Harrison Ford is back as Indiana Jones.

The fifth of the Indiana Jones movies in order, the Dial of Destiny sees Logan director James Mangold take the reigns for one last adventure.

With the Indiana Jones 5 release date incoming, Mangold and the cast have been talking about the legacy of Indy and Harrison Ford. In particular, Ford’s iconic arrival on the movie’s set.

Speaking at Star Wars Celebration 2023, Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen said, “He casually came out of his trailer, wearing it, the hat, the whip,” during rehearsals. He continued, “and everybody else was like [groans and shrinks down in awe]. It’s too surreal to be part of, right?”

We can picture it now, the wind blowing in the sides of his hair, sunshine beaming down on his iconic tan-coloured hat, and a pearly white grin. You can watch the full recount of the special moment below.

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