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Kit Harington created his Game of Thrones spin-off, says Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke says that Kit Harington is more than just acting in his upcoming Game of Thrones spin-off TV series - apparently he created it

Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones

Jon Snow is coming to Game of Thrones for a sequel TV series. Reports on the project left most everybody a confused about why it’s happening. According to one of his former co-stars, Kit Harington has engineered the opportunity himself.

During an interview with BBC, Emilia Clarke spoke about Harington’s spin-off, and revealed he’s more than just acting in it. “He has told me about it. And I know it exists. It’s happening,” she stated. “It’s been created by Kit as far as I can understand, so he’s in it from the ground up. So what you will be watching, hopefully, if it happens, is certified by Kit Harington.”

Little is known about Harington’s production, other than it’ll follow Jon Snow. To be fair, of all the Game of Thrones characters, he’s one of the more obvious for spinning off. Not only did he survive, he did so without a proper position in Westeros, choosing to go exploring with the Wildlings. Where they go and what they get up to is an easy drama series, if ever there was one.

HBO has been eager to continue with the Game of Thrones franchise. Besides the Jon Snow Show (trademark), prequel House of the Dragon is coming this August, and then there’s 10,000 Ships and Tales of Dunk and Egg, both still in development.

Now that Harington is returning, could more follow? Maybe, but Clarke isn’t keen. “No, I think I’m done,” she responds, when asked about the possibility. One person who’s done with the game of thrones, anyway!

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