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House of the Dragons will fix VFX after fans spot mistake

House of thr Dragons fans noticed a small VFX mistake in an episode of the fantasy series, and now HBO has promised to fix the error

Paddy Considine as King Viserys in House of the Dragon

Making TV series is not a perfect science. Mistakes are often made, and eagle-eyed fans of House of the Dragon happened to notice some errant, unfinished special effects. HBO has announced that the error will be fixed for versions on streaming services.

In ‘Second of His Name’, the third episode of the drama series, you can see King Viserys giving a letter to one of his soldiers. As screengrabbed by someone on Twitter, you can catch two of his fingers coated in green screen, to be amended or possibly removed during post-production. The post did some numbers, as everyone poked at such an oversight.

HBO has since confirmed to Variety that the scene will be completed as necessary on HBO Max. In the first episode, Viserys was revealed to be covered in wounds from sitting on the actually-very-sharp Iron Throne, and in the second, he cut his pinky finger. Neither of these ended in amputation, but it’s clear his body is suffering regular injuries in the fantasy series.

Paddy Considine plays King Viserys, who rules Westeros for over two decades. The Game of Thrones character‘s reign is generally peaceful, but rumblings from his time on the Iron Throne eventually spill over in catastrophic ways.

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Dedicated viewers of Game of Thrones will remember that in season 8, a Starbucks cup managed to make its way into an episode. Jon Snow looks like he’d be fond of a good Americano, but alas, it was a gaffe that was swiftly amended after everyone enjoyed a wee laugh.

If only that was the only thing that went wrong with the final season of Game of Thrones. Let’s hope this is the biggest foot House of the Dragon puts wrong. Check out our list of the best sci-fi series if this has you wanted to find more televisual mishaps.