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Friends café Central Perk is now real, but not in New York

After years of being able to visit pop-up Friends experiences, Central Perk now has a permanent home in the US, but not where you might expect to find it.

Central Perk in Friends

Friends pop-up experiences have become all the rage in recent years, cropping up across the US and UK, where you can get photos taken on the famous orange couch in Central Perk, around the kitchen table in Monica’s apartment, and other locations from the popular 90s TV series. But now the first ever permanent branch of Central Perk is opening – but it’s not in New York City. It’s actually 200 miles away in Boston.

Despite Friends being set in New York, the TV series was filmed in Los Angeles – and you can see some of the sets on the Warner Bros tour there. But from October 2023, you will be able to visit Central Perk ‘nestled in a Newbury Street brownstone’ in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood. It’s referred to as the ‘first location for the concept,’ which implies that the cafes may start appearing in more cities.

Central Perk in Boston boasts “an eclectic Friends themed menu” based on the comedy series which includes Princess Consuela’s Banana Mocha blend and Chandler’s Chocolate Milk Cold Foam, Joey’s Meatball Sandwich, and Rachel’s Side Salad. We just hope that Rachel’s trifle isn’t on the menu.

Central Perk is home to some of the best moments in the best Friends episodes. From Rachel entering in her wedding dress in the pilot, to Ross and Rachel’s first kiss, to Phoebe’s first performance of Smelly Cat, to Ross meeting Isabella Rossellini, to Phoebe and Mike (Paul Rudd) choosing it as their wedding venue.

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Friends is undoubtedly one of the best 90s TV shows and now you can take a big sip of a giant cappuccino on the orange sofa if you ever find yourself in Boston. Just hope that the bullies don’t get to it first.

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