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Jason Voorhees explained - who is the Friday the 13th movie killer?

Jason Vororhees explained, with everything you need to know about the iconic horror movie killer from the Friday the 13th franchise.

Jason Voorhees explained: Jason in the Friday the 13th movies

Here is Jason Voorhees explained. Alongside Freddy Kruger, Michael Myers, Chucky, and the Xenomorph, Jason Voorhees is one of the most significant antagonists in slasher movie history.

Like these other characters, Jason’s status has been elevated to the level of an icon. He has appeared in each of the 12 Friday the 13th movies, which were initially created in order to take advantage of the success of John Carpenter’s Halloween. Now, the horror movie series is a success in its own right, with a long legacy and a deep impact on the slasher genre.

The slasher movie series was most active during the ’80s, and since 2000, only three Friday the 13th movies have been released. This means that fans of Jason haven’t had as much of the character recently as they might have liked. Nevertheless, it’s October, so there couldn’t be a better time to look under the hockey mask, and explore Jason. Here’s your guide to Jason Voorhees explained.

What is Jason Voorhees?

Jason is the main antagonist in the Friday the 13th movies. As a child, Jason drowned in lake at Camp Crystal Lake. In response to Jason’s drowning, his mother killed the workers at Camp Crystal Lake in order to avenge Jason because she blamed them for her son’s death. Jason’s mother was then killed by Alice Hardy, ending her killing spree.

However this kickstarted Jason’s own serial killing. He returned from the dead to haunt Camp Crystal Lake in undead form, and to avenge the death of his mother through his own endless spate of murders.

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Who plays Jason Voorhees?

The character of Jason Voorhees has been played by many actors in many movies. In fact, the character is played by ten actors, in total. A lot of these actors are stuntmen too, because the role is a one that requires a certain physicality.

There are some notable instances, though, where you might want to know the name of the man behind the mask. For example, in the character’s first onscreen appearance in the original Friday the 13th movie, he was played by Ari Lehman. In this case, the character was a child, and Lehman was a child when he took on the role.

More recently the manchette wielding serial killer was played by Ken Kirzinger in the cross-over movie Freddy vs Jason. Then, in the character’s last movie, Jason was brought to life by Derek Mears.

Jason Voorhees explained: Jason in the Friday the 13th movies

Why does Jason wear a mask?

Jason’s iconic white hockey mask hides his facial disfigurement. In Friday the 13th VII: The New Blood, we see the skeletal, rotting face of Jason beneath his mas. Jason hasn’t always had the mask, though, and actually only donned the disguise in Friday the 13th Part 3.

Previously in Friday the 13th Part 2, the character just used a burlap sack with eyeholes cut out. So, he’s a crafty and resourceful, as well as murderous.

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What’s Jason’s weakness?

Jason’s weakness is water. This is because of the character’s history, having drowned in a lake. Water doesn’t kill him, however, though it the character does seem to avoid it and it does seem to have a weakening effect on him and his powers. That’s how it works, you see: whatever kills you makes you… weaker, I guess.

Jason Voorhees explained: Jason in the Friday the 13th movies

Can Jason talk?

Jason is known for his silent, brooding nature, however, the character can definitely talk. His silence is part of what makes the character so terrifying, though, and is a trait that he shares with other slasher, thriller movie villains like Michael Myers.

First of all, Jason screams for help when he drowns in the very first Friday the 13th movie. He also grunts, and makes a few other audible exclamations, in a few moments. But, they are few and far between.

Jason Voorhees explained: Jason in the Friday the 13th movies

Is Jason immortal?

Whether or not Jason is immortal is ambiguous. The character has been ‘killed’ – and even blown up – on more than one occasion. But, he always seems happy to come back for more after that. Jason seems to have the ability to possess humans, as long as his heart is still beating, and then return to life (or more accurately, undeath) that way.

It also seems to be indicated that only a Voorhees family member can put Jason down for good, though we’ve never seen it happen for good. There’s a lot of ambiguity, but what is clear is that Jason Voorhees is bloody hard to kill.

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How many kills does Jason have?

Jason has over 200 confirmed kills. Many of these, the audience gets to see in all their bloody, terrifying, slasher-ific glory. Others are implied, and happen with a bit more subtlety. Then there are some kills that occur completely offscreen.

Added all together, though, his kills amount to a huge number which only goes to prove how dangerous Jason really is.

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What are Jason Voorhees’ powers?

As an undead being, Jason Voorhees has superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He’s almost impossible to kill, and added to all his other powers, this makes him essentially an unstoppable force. Think Michael Myers on steroids.

Like any good superbeing, he has a weakness that diminishes his powers. Though, Jason’s weakness is water, rather than Kryptonite, which does make him seem rather less impressive.

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