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Free Guy ending explained

Ryan Reynold's new movie can be pretty distracting. Here is our guide to explaining Free Guy's ending.

Free Guy ending explained

Ryan Reynolds’ new film throws you into the fun videogame world, and is packed full of comedy and fanservice. Telling a story about artificial intelligence developing humanity, the action movie centres around an NPC called Guy (Ryan Reynolds) in the hit videogame, Free City. But, let’s be honest, with all the explosions, and tons of videogame references in every frame, it’s easy to get distracted, and you may be left wondering how does the action movie Free Guy actually end?

Guy lives a mundane life, working as a bank teller, who experiences the same old bank robbery by weapon-wielding maniacs – also known as sunglass people (the videogame’s players) – every day. However, his boring life changes once he meets player Millie (Jodie Comer), a programmer who is desperate to prove that Free City was built using code that she and her partner Keys’ (Joe Keery) originally made. While Millie and Keys try to expose Free City’s dastardly CEO Antoine (Taika Waititi), Guy comes to terms with his artificial reality, and begins to break the NPC mould.

The romance movie has two different settings, one in real life, and one in the videogame world. So, as you can imagine things can get pretty confusing. Well, fear not gamers, we are here to help. Here we go over Free Guy’s ending, detailing what happened, and if we can expect a sequel anytime soon. So buckle in, and get ready to level up, it’s time to enter the cinematic gaming world – warning spoilers ahead.

What happens in the Free Guy ending?

Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy

After Antoine reboots the game, all the evidence Millie and Guy have gathered about his code theft has disappeared. However, Guy reveals that he knows where they can find proof that Antoine stole Millie’s and Keys’ original code. Guy’s morning rituals include saying hello to his goldfish, opening and closing his blinds, and then grabbing a blue shirt before heading to work. It turns out that while closing his blinds, you can see a faraway paradise past Free City’s ocean – this is the world from Keys’ and Millie’s original game.

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The two go off to find a way past the watery barrier, desperate to get tangible proof that Free City was stolen. Keys help the two from the gaming companies headquarters in the real world and starts streaming the game, broadcasting Guy’s mission. With the whole world watching Antoine begins to crack, and tries to stop Guy from reaching the hidden paradise. He orders programmer Mouser to destroy the game world, and deploys a new NPC into the game.

The new NPC is essentially Guy 2.0 (Dude), an unfinished and insanely muscular version of Reynolds, who is set on beating our favourite blue shirt wearing hero into oblivion. However, nothing seems to stop Guy- not even his buff doppelganger. Seeing Guy continue his way to reach Free City’s barrier, Antoine goes to extreme measures to hide his theft. The CEO heads to a room with the main servers, and begins hacking at the machines with an axe.

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The game world starts disappearing, and Guy must race to prove that Free City is built on stolen code before his world is literally destroyed. Millie heads to the server rooms to stop Antoine after Keys lets her know what was happening at the company. Once the two strike a deal, she manages to stop the axe-wielding CEO from destroying the last server, and Guy manages to show everyone the stolen world that was used to build Free City.

The movie ends with Millie, Keys, and Mouser setting up their own company, and Antoine being put into jail for some shady business deals. Guy and his NPC friends are thriving in the new world, where there are no more shootings, no more robberies, and no more murderous sunglass people.

Do Guy and Millie end up together?

Guy and Millie break up their relationship, with Guy telling her that he is simply code, and actually a love letter for her by the man who made him, Keys. Realising Keys’ and her own feelings after Guy acts as a wholesome couple’s therapist, Millie runs to Keys, and the two have a sentimental kiss in the middle of the street, probably not the safest place to make out, but hey, what is a few traffic violations when it comes to romance, right?

What is the game in Free Guy?

Free Guy Ryan Reynolds held at gun point

Free City is an obvious MMO game. It has strong Grand Theft Auto vibes, mixed with some Payday 2 like qualities, but at the end of the movie, the game becomes a lot more mellow once Millie and Keys start a new company. Think of an NPC fishbowl. Basically, the new game is a non-violent experience, where you simply watch NPC’s go about their day. It may sound boring, but remember that these specific NPC’s have code that allows them to gain sentience.

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In this way, the new game is more like watching a streamer or YouTuber vlogging. The NPCs live their life, and we watch them form their own personalities, outside of their programming, becoming and doing anything they want. They are interesting people – not mindless background characters – in a vibrant world, and are exciting to watch because of that (according to the movie, at least).

Will there be a Free Guy 2?

Will there be a Free Guy 2

There were no hints to a potential sequel, and no post-credits scene for Free Guy. The story also ended pretty nicely, and with no loose ends in sight, making it unlikely that we will get a Free Guy 2 anytime soon. Millie and Keys realise their geeky love, all the NPCs are frolicking in their new utopian game, and Guy is reunited with his best mate, security guard, Buddy. Everyone is happy, and there wasn’t any sign of future trouble.

The only thing that could possibly hint at a sequel is that Guy is still single, despite his code telling him to constantly search for love. Yes, technically, he already met his ideal woman, (well Keys’ ideal woman), but he doesn’t end up with her. Guy’s singleness leaves something open in an otherwise airtight ending. However, only time will tell if the NPC will stay a bachelor or not. We will have to see how the movie does at the box office – if it is a hit, we can expect Disney to at least consider a sequel.

Free Guy is currently out in cinemas across the US and UK.