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For All Mankind season 4 “doesn’t miss a beat,” say first reactions

The first reactions to For All Mankind season 4 are here, and it looks as though the sci-fi series is maintaining the high standard it's had from the beginning.

For All Mankind season 4

For All Mankind season 4 may still be nearly a month away, but the first reactions are out (including some from NYCC) – and they’re as positive as ever. With the timeline leaping ahead to the 2000s, and getting ever closer to our present day, the sci-fi series has “ditched retro space nostalgia in favor of something truly original,” according to one review.

For All Mankind began its first season with the moon landing in 1969, but instead of the stars and stripes being planted, it was the hammer and sickle. Since then, we’ve followed a cast of characters and their children through four decades of space exploration that has even taken us to Mars. And For All Mankind season 4 takes us into the dicey world of asteroid mining.

Like all of the best sci-fi series, from Star Trek and beyond, For All Mankind excels by focusing on the humanity at the center of all of the dazzling, futuristic technology. According to Jeremy Mathai, writing for SlashFilm, “season 4 of For All Mankind picks up right where it left off and doesn’t miss a single beat” and adds that “season 4 takes full advantage of the passage of time by making the weight of history keenly felt.”

According to Ryan Britt, writing for Inverse; “For All Mankind Season 4 maintains its status as one of the best sci-fi shows ever because it’s still very much about people, and how, in microcosm, those people represent all of humankind.” He adds that; “Being retro is no longer the primary aesthetic feature. Instead, the show is just starting to feel eerily real.”

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It sounds that for those who have put in four years of investment into watching four decades pass for these characters, there will be many pay-offs in For All Mankind season 4. There are reportedly seven seasons planned, so it will take us into the future as well.

As well as all of the – surviving – main characters returning for season 4, there are plenty of new characters, including Toby Kebbell as an average man trying to change his life by accepting a job on Mars.

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