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Florence Pugh was in a TV series you probably won’t ever see

Florence Pugh might be known for her roles in Midsommar, Little Women, and the MCU, but she also had a small role in a TV series you likely will never see.

florence pugh as yelena

In 2015, Variety reported that Eric McCormack was set to star alongside a “British newcomer” in a new comedy series airing on Fox. The British newcomer in question? Florence Pugh. Entitled Studio City, the premise of the drama series involved Florence Pugh playing McCormack’s on-screen daughter, with the pair’s characters sharing a love for singing and songwriting despite their otherwise dysfunctional relationship.

On Inside of You With Michael Rosenberg, McCormack opened up about how much he enjoyed the pilot and how he regrets the TV series never going any further. “It was 2015 I believe,” he recalled. “And it was a new show called Studio City, based true story about a drug dealer and his daughter in the 80s. And she [the daughter] moves in because she’s saddled with debt.”

“Now, I read this pilot, and I thought, ‘I have to be considered for this role.’ And I call my agents, they come back they said they don’t see in this part, and of course, if they don’t see me in the part, I have to show them. We had to beg John Wells [executive producer] to let me in, and they got this unknown to play my daughter. Her name is Florence Pugh. And Fox did not pick it up. It was a great little pilot!”

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Sadly, between Thunderbolts and all the other new movies she’s starring in, we fear Florence Pugh may be too busy to return to Studio City. But it’s certainly not out of the question, with Hollywood stars like Harrison Ford dipping their toes into TV by joining the 1923 cast. For more on Thunderbolts, check out our guide on the Thunderbolts release date.