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FNaF movie cast, characters, and actors

Here's what you need to know about the Five Nights at Freddy's movie cast, characters, and actors led by Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson.

fnaf movie cast: chica and bonnie

Who’s in the FNaF movie cast? Bringing the much-loved game franchise to the big screen has been a long time coming, but getting the casting right has always been key.

The expansive lore surrounding Five Nights at Freddy’s means that a lot of scrutiny is on the cast as fans compare the new movie‘s version of the characters to the video game’s. Thankfully, the cast makes FNaF one of the best horror movies to enjoy this Halloween. Here’s everything you need to know about who’s who.

FNaF cast and characters

The main Five Nights at Freddy’s cast list:

  • Josh Hutcherson as Mike Schmidt
  • Matthew Lillard as William Afton
  • Piper Rubio as Abby Schmidt
  • Elizabeth Lail as Vanessa
  • Lucas Grant as Garrett
  • Kevin Foster as Freddy Fazbear
  • Jess Weiss as Chica
  • Jade Kindar-Martin as Bonnie
  • Christian Stokes as Hank
  • Kat Conner Sterling as Max
  • Mary Stuart Masterson as Aunt Jane
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Josh Hutcherson as Mike Schmidt

You might know him from The Hunger Games, but this time Josh Hutcherson swaps kids killing kids for, uh, animatronics killing kids, I guess (and he’s one of the best parts of the film, as we explain in our FNaF movie review).

Mike Schmidt is the main protagonist of the Five Nights At Freddy’s Games and is introduced to the movie in the same way he was in the original games: as a troubled security guard who ends up in a cat-and-mouse game with the murderous animatronics.

It later transpires that Mike Schmidt is, in fact, the estranged son of William Afton. As he learns more about his father’s dastardly deeds, he takes it upon himself to set the souls of the animatronics free and stop him from killing anyone else. Will Mike Schmidt turn out to be Michael Afton? You’ll have to wait and see…

fnaf movie cast: matthew lillard as william afton

Matthew Lillard as William Afton

Matthew Lillard takes on the role of William Afton/The Purple Guy, and we truly couldn’t think of anyone any better for the role. He’s already proven himself to be a horror movie legend as Stu Macher in Scream, and now he’s returning to his villainous roots as William Afton.

Pizzeria owner by day and child murderer by night, William Afton is the main antagonist of the Five Nights At Freddy’s games. He would routinely murder children and stuff their bodies into animatronics.

At the start, he did this because he was just a psychotic serial killer, but when he discovered that killing produces “remnant” — a substance that can entrap souls in inanimate objects — he decided to carry on killing in order to become immortal, hence his iconic phrase, “I will always come back.”

fnaf movie cast: abby

Piper Rubio as Abby Schmidt

8-year-old Piper Rubio plays Mike’s sister, Abby. But we have a sneaky feeling she’s based on Elizabeth Afton: William Afton’s daughter and Michael Afton’s younger sister.

In the games, Elizabeth ends up being accidentally killed by one of her father’s inventions: the Circus Baby animatronic. Naturally, Elizabeth ends up possessing Circus Baby and poses another threat.

While Abby Schmidt’s connection to Elizabeth and Circus Baby is unconfirmed, it’s worth noting that Abby is short for Elizabeth, and some eagle-eyed fans have noted that Abby is an anagram for Baby. So there’s a chance we might be seeing Circus Baby after all…

fnaf movie cast: vanessa

Elizabeth Lail as Vanessa

You probably know her Guinevere Beck from the Netflix series You, but in the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie, Elizabeth Lail takes on the role of Vanessa. While the character of Vanessa doesn’t appear in the main franchise, she does play an important role in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach.

In this game, it is heavily hinted that Vanessa is being controlled by Glitchtrap; an online copy of Afton’s consciousness (try not to think about it too hard) that is able to hack and possess animatronics to go on murderous rampages.

When Glitchtrap is in control, Vanessa ends up being possessed too, as it’s heavily hinted she’s also FNaF villain Vanny: a child serial killer who keeps their identity hidden with a bunny costume. Does this mean Glitchtrap and Vanny will form part of the movies?

fnaf movie cast: garrett

Lucas Grant as Garrett

Played by newcomer Lucas Grant, Garrett is Mike’s younger brother who mysteriously disappears a decade before the events of the film. It’s theorized that the character of Garrett is based on the ‘Crying Child’ in the Five Nights At Freddy’s games.

In the games, the ‘Crying Child’ ends up being accidentally killed by the malfunctioning jaws of an animatronic at his birthday party, following teasing by his older brother (who fans theorize to be Michael). This tragedy comes to be known as the ‘Bite of 83.’

fnaf movie cast: freddy fazbear

Kevin Foster as Freddy Fazbear

Freddy Fazbear is the main animatronic, musician, and face of the Pizzeria brand. He’s possessed by the spirit of Gabriel, one of the children murdered by Afton. Like the rest of the possessed animatronics, Freddy goes on murderous rampages after dark in a blind rage because he mistakes intruders in the pizzeria for his murderer.

Kevin Foster, who voices Freddy in the movie, has previously appeared in films like Iron Man and Jurassic World.

fnaf movie cast: chica

Jess Weiss as Chica

Chica the Chicken is Freddy’s backup singer animatronic and is possessed by Missing Child Susie in the game. Jess Weiss, who voices Chica, has previously worked as a producer on movies like The Subject and The Ring Thing.

fnaf movie cast: bonnie

Jade Kindar-Martin as Bonnie

An animatronic bunny, Bonnie was made to be the guitarist and one of the main mascots of the Pizzeria. In the first game, Bonnie is possessed by the spirit of Jeremy, one of the Missing Children who, as it later transpires, was murdered by Afton.

Jade Kindar-Martin, who plays Bonnie, is an acclaimed circus performer known for his various daring stunts.

fnaf movie cast: foxy

Roger Joseph-Manning Jr. as Foxy

Foxy is the Pizzeria’s resident pirate entertainer who, in the original game, is possessed by the spirit of Missing Child, Fritz. Roger Joseph-Manning Jr, who voices Foxy, is a musician who has worked on the musical scores of movies like Deep Impact, Lost in Translation, and The Flash.

fnaf movie cast: christian stokes as hank

Christian Stokes as Hank

Not much is known about Christian Stokes’ character in the movie, but it’s speculated that ‘Hank’ is actually Henry Emily. In the video games, Henry Emily is William Afton’s former friend and business partner.

They open the pizzeria together, but after his daughter becomes Afton’s first victim (becoming The Puppet), he slowly uncovers the secrets of his former friend’s crimes and becomes committed to ending Afton’s reign of terror for good.

Henry is also known as ‘Cassette Man’ in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, the sixth game of the FNAF series, which many fans also consider to be the canon ending to the franchise. Christian Stokes has appeared in several horrors in the past, including Lake Dead, Escape Plan, and Monster.

kat connor sterling in a week away

Kat Conner Sterling as Max

Max appears to be another character especially made for the FNaF movie. Still, we reckon that one way or another, Kat Conner Sterling’s character will end up possessing MAX: a humanoid animatronic puppet from the FNaF game loading screen that is widely popular with the wider fandom.

fnaf movie cast: aunt jane

Mary Stuart Masterson as Aunt Jane

At Close Range and Some Kind of Wonderful, star Mary Stuart Masterson will be playing Aunt Jane in the movie. Aunt Jane plays a surprisingly big role in the movie, and if you want more details you’ll have to watch it for yourself to find out why.

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