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Fast & Furious 10 star teases new movie is “on some other other sh*t”

Tyrese Gibson, star of the Fast Saga since 2 Fast 2 Furious, has read the script of Fast 10, and is ready to declare that it's "on some other shit"

Fast and Furious 10

After the high-octane antics of F9: The Fast Saga, the franchise has to keep upping the stakes and pulling out all of the stops to exceed the previous entry. With the tenth installment of the antics of the Fast Family on the way, things either need to spiral into even crazier heights or maybe scale things all the way back to the franchise’s humble origins. And it looks like they’ve decided on the former, according to star Tyrese Gibson.

Gibson has been a member of the Fast Family since the wonderfully named 2 Fast 2 Furious, and he has posted a tease on his Instagram account. Fast 10 is expected in May 2023, which means that pre-production must be well underway.  One person who will definitely not be returning is Dwayne Johnson, who is not willing to let his feud with Vin Diesel go.

“Just finished reading the F10 script……… We are are officially on some other other shit…” Tyrese Gibson wrote on Instagram. He also included a photo with his co-stars Vin Diesel and Ludacris.

Most of the Fast Fam are expected to return for the tenth installment, including new addition John Cena, who played Dominic Toretto’s brother Jakob in Fast 9. Jason Momoa has confirmed that he will be playing the villain in Fast 10, which is something to look forward to.

The Fast Saga has transformed beyond all recognition since its earliest days as a story about a crew of carjackers and drag-racers on the regular ol’ city streets. It has since spiralled to include action set-pieces involving helicopters, boats and even going to space.

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