Fast and Furious star gets married with cars from franchise

Jordana Brewster recently good married with Vin Diesel, Ludacris, and several cars from the Fast and Furious franchise all present at the wedding

Jordana Brewster Fast and Furious

Jordana Brewster has been a core member of the Fast and Furious family since the first movie came out over two decades ago – in 2001. Therefore, she recently celebrated her wedding in a way that would make her brother Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) and partner Brian (Paul Walker) proud.

If you’re a part of the Fast franchise, you’re not just going to have a normal, bog-standard wedding car at your ceremony. Brewster and Mason Morfit’s ceremony included various cars lined up from the Fast & Furious films. As for Brewster’s Fast & Furious family, her co-stars Ludacris, Vin Diesel and also Paul Walker’s daughter, Meadow were in attendance for her big day. Sounds very much like a family affair.

Brewster has starred in six of the nine Fast movies that have come out so far, and is returning for Fast X. The tenth movie in the long-running and hugely popular franchise is the first of a two-part finale to the epic saga. There have been a few teething problems getting it off the ground. Director Justin Lin left the production after two weeks of filming and had to be swiftly replaced. The set has also been protested by local residents. 

There are positive stories coming out about Fast X as well. New cast-members Jason Momoa, Brie Larson, and Alan Ritchson have all made social media posts and given interviews which demonstrate that they’re very enthusiastic about joining the Fast fam.

Ritchson shared an Instagram post in which he gushed; “It’s been an incredible ride. I can’t wait for you to see this movie. It’s for sure gonna be the best one in the franchise so far, I know it.”

Larson is rumoured to be playing Brian’s sister in the upcoming sequel, and she has shared a set photo on her Instagram in which she’s wearing what looks like a mechanic’s overall and giving a thumbs up.

Momoa said he was having the “time of my life” on set. “I get to be the bad guy finally. I’ve been the good guy for a while. He (Momoa’s character) is very sadistic and androgynous and he’s a bit of a peacock… He’s got a lot of issues, this guy. He’s definitely got some daddy issues.”

While we wait to hear more about Fast X, check out our guide to the Fast cast.