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Brie Larson wants to be in Fast and Furious

Brie Larson has expressed enthusiasm for the Fast and Furious Saga, saying she'd love to be part of the Fast Family

Brie Larson and Fast and Furious

Captain Marvel herself, Brie Larson, wants to swap her fighter jets for luxury cars. Appearing in commercials for Nissan with her fellow MCU stars Danai Gurira (Okoye) and Dave Bautista (Drax) has given her the need for speed; “Please, please tell everybody I would of course want to be in a Fast and Furious movie.”

While speaking to Uproxx recently, Larson got enthusiastic about cars and about the ultimate fast car franchise; “I love them (the Fast & Furious movies). I think they’re so good. They’re so fun. And they’ve made me appreciate cars. And it’s something that should be appreciated. They’re incredible. So of course, please (let me be in one).”

But Larson doesn’t have much time to become part of the Fast Family. According to director Justin Lin (via BossHunting), he and star Vin Diesel are looking to wrap the Fast Saga up in the next two movies. “Every story deserves its own ending,” Diesel told press during a junket when the ninth movie came out in June 2021.

Diesel continued; “I know people are going to feel like it doesn’t have to end, but I think all good things should. There are reasons for a finale. I think this franchise has deserved it.”

“We got together and Vin says, ’I think we should think about closing up the saga now,’” said director Justin Lin, who has directed five of the Fast & Furious films starting from Tokyo Drift. “Nine is kind of the first film of the final chapter. We’re kind of reconfiguring everything, so that the next two movies should wrap up this amazing journey for these characters.”

So, Larson has got to jump into a Lambo (other fast cars are available) and speed her way over to the set of Fast 10 before it’s too late. If you’re a fan of the Fast Family, check out our guide to the best Fast and Furious characters, ranked.