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Nicolas Cage addresses Face/Off 2 rumours

Nicolas Cage has addressed the long-running Face/Off 2 rumours and if you wanted to see Castor Troy again I'm sorry it's not good news

Nicolas Cage addresses Faceoff 2 rumours

Nicolas Cage has addressed the long-running Face/Off 2 rumours and I’m sorry John Woo fans it’s not good news. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, where he was promoting his upcoming comedy movie The Unbearable Massive Weight of Massive Talent, Cage was asked about the rumoured sequel.

“I have not heard hide nor hair about it,” Cage said. So often these things we read about are just conjecture without any base or foundation to it. I feel the same about National Treasure 3. It’s been 14 years… is it fun to think about? Sure. Would [Face/Off 2] be an exciting movie to make? Oh, hell yeah.”

Unfortunately for people desperate to see the return of the villainous Castor Troy Cage just isn’t interested if action movie master John Woo isn’t involved. “John Woo was such a huge voice in that movie. It couldn’t be a remake,” he explained. “I think these filmmakers even said as much — that something like that would have to be a sequel.”

Face/Off is a daft as all hell thriller movie that sees FBI Special Agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) swap faces with the homicidal terrorist Castor Troy (Cage) in the hopes of finding a bomb hidden in LA. Predictably chaos ensues as the pair use the pair battle it out turning the City of Angel’s streets into their own bullet strewn playground.

Despite, or maybe because of, its ludicrous premise Face/Off was a huge success. In 2019 it was announced plans were in motion for a sequel that would introduce a new cast. In 2021 it was reported that Adma Wingard of The Guest and You’re Next fame had joined the project as writer and director.

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