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Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell is “a little disturbed” by Yellowstone

If there's one person who you think can handle violence, it's gotta be Evil Dead's Ash; Bruce Campbell. But he finds Yellowstone of all things, too disturbing.

Evil Dead's Bruce Campbell

If anyone knows a thing or two about being disturbed, it’s Bruce Campbell. As Sam Raimi muse and star of the Evil Dead franchise, Campbell has seen more than his fair share of blood, guts, and gore. Therefore, when he says that there’s a popular TV series that he’s disturbed by, you wouldn’t expect it to be your Dad’s favourite comfort show.

Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone has become a huge hit, proving that there’s still a big appetite for Westerns and Kevin Costner. It’s become such a behemoth that it’s spawned prequels and spin-offs galore, even though it’s only been on air for five years.

Bruce Campbell is currently preparing for the release of horror movie Evil Dead Rise, which both he and Sam Raimi worked on behind-the-scenes, as producers. “Lee Cronin did a really bang-up job. You can expect to be very disturbed….a really gnarly feel. I think people are in for trouble. I feel sorry for audiences in advance! It’s not hardy-har-har. It’s not Ash shooting finger guns. This is real shit going down. These guys took it real seriously. Lee Cronin is Irish, and he brings kind of a European feel to this thing,” Campbell told Bloody Disgusting.

Campbell also praises the special effects work in the upcoming film. “No one will ever be able to make fun of the Evil Dead special effects ever again as long as I’m alive. They used to love to do that; cheese-ball effects, garden hoses spewing stuff. Well, you know what? Eat it, bitches, because this is good stuff you’re about to see!” The trailer below is red band, so watch at your own peril!

In his downtime, Campbell enjoys watching television with his wife. “I got into Yellowstone, but I’m a little disturbed by it. It’s actually a horribly violent show, and I know what I’m talking about! I have PTSD from watching that show. Every silent moment I think someone’s gonna fall in a river or get their head shot off. It’s the weirdest thing. I’ve got through four seasons, and I don’t know if I can do five!”

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