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Sam Raimi includes this Easter egg in every single one of his movies

Sam Raimi is best known for two things - Evil Dead and Spider-Man - and it turns out that he's included an item that's important to him in all of his movies.

Spider-Man Uncle Ben

Sam Raimi is a director with a distinctive style that he’s managed to crossover from low-budget horror movies into blockbuster superhero movies. But it’s not just a recognisable tone and other visual signatures that Raimi brings to his movies, but also a specific Easter egg that he likes to include. Whereas Alfred Hitchcock would famously have cameos in his own movies, Raimi likes to include his car – a yellow 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88.

A Reddit user has compiled some shots from Raimi movies which span 40 years – from his early horror movie The Evil Dead (1982) to Doctor Strange 2 (2022) – which include his beloved car. Its most significant use was probably as Uncle Ben’s car in his 2002 Spider-Man movie (widely considered one of the best).

The car is unlikely to make an appearance in the upcoming Evil Dead Rise, as Raimi is only onboard as an executive producer, not a director. Although writer-director Lee Cronin may well have included one as an homage to the filmmaker he clearly loves and who has massively inspired him.

Sam Raimi’s movies has covered westerns such as The Quick and the Dead, thriller movie A Simple Plan, and drama movie The Gift. He was best known for the Evil Dead franchise, which includes 1992’s Army of Darkness before he made his Spider-Man trilogy between 2002-2007. In 2009, Raimi returned to his horror roots with Drag Me to Hell. Those of a sensitive nature may want to avoid the redband trailer below.

When Raimi surprisingly took over the reins from Scott Derrickson, and stepped back into the world of Marvel movies with Doctor Strange 2, many people wondered how much of Raimi would survive in a modern-day MCU movie. The answer was a fair amount – he managed to squeeze quite a lot of his horror hallmarks into the multiverse movie.

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