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Doctor Who specials: who is Beep the Meep’s boss? Three bold theories

If you want some predictions on who Beep the Meep's boss is after the end of the latest Doctor Who adventure, you're in the right place.

The Meep from Doctor Who with The Master and Toymaker in the background

The return of Doctor Who was a blast, but ‘The Star Beast’s conclusion left us with one big question: who is the Meep’s boss?

Like Doctor Who’s central Time Lord himself, we can’t stand cryptic mysteries so we’ve done our best to step into The Doctor’s shoes and try and figure out who, or what, Beep the Meep’s boss could be.

Who is the Meep’s boss?

We think Beep the Meep’s boss could either be: The Celestial Toymaker, The Master, or a new villain. If we had to place a bet right now, we’d say The Celestial Toymaker.

But, in the interests of covering all bases (and because we’re completionists) let’s get into the specific arguments for and against each of these three theories.

Could Beep the Meep’s boss be The Celestial Toymaker?

Thanks to the trailers, and confirmation from Russell T Davies, we know that The Celestial Toymaker looks set to be the overarching big bad villain of the three Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials.

Therefore it’d make sense that he is also the Meep’s boss, and behind the alien’s decision to land on Earth and the ensuing chaos. Could he be pulling the strings, even orchestrating the reunion between The Doctor and Donna, and The Doctor’s de-regeneration? It would make sense to us.

Right now, you’re probably wondering who The Celestial Toymaker actually is. Fair enough! The Celestial Toymaker is a villain from Doctor Who’s time in the 60s: an enigmatic genius who can subvert the laws of time and space. He was defeated by The Doctor, but now returns played by Neil Patrick Harris. Speaking with SFX, RTD summed the character up as, “So powerful. So funny. So dangerous, so evil.”

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How about The Master?

Beep the Meep’s boss could be The Master, but we’re only mentioning the evil Time Lord because every time there’s trouble, he could feasibly be behind it all. And, to be fair, the villainous little furball is the kind of evil creature that The Master would enjoy working with to meddle with The Doctor.

But, in truth, we don’t really think The Master is Beep the Meep’s boss. It’s too obvious, and The Master has become a bit overused now as a recurring villain (like the Daleks). We think that RTD is going to wait quite a while to bring The Master back, and that’s a good thing.

John Simm as The Master in Doctor Who

Or an entirely new villain…

Here’s an exciting prospect: Beep the Meep’s boss could be a completely new villain to Doctor Who.

Perhaps, rather than setting up The Celestial Toymaker’s involvement in the rest of the 60th anniversary specials, Meep’s boss is a reference to a new character who will be a villain during Ncuti Gatwa’s time as the 15th Doctor from Doctor Who season 14 onwards. This could be a thread of continuity between the specials and the next full season, building up hype through fan speculation.

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