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Doctor Who: who is Beep the Meep?

The exciting Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials will introduce the obscure creature Beep the Meep to TV audiences for the first time.

Doctor Who 60th anniversary: Beep the Meep

Who (and what) is Beep the Meep in Doctor Who? Every new adventure in this series needs a good villain, whether that’s the unstoppable Daleks or the terrifying Weeping Angels.

When Doctor Who returns later this year in November, David Tennant will be back in the TARDIS to lead three Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials have aired. From the trailers, we know these will feature the mysterious Beep the Meep. Here’s everything you need to know before the fluffy alien makes its debut.

Who is Beep the Meep?

Beep the Meep is an obscure alien Doctor Who villain first seen in a comic strip from Doctor Who magazine in the 1980s. Despite his cute exterior, the fluffy, small alien is actually an inter-galactic war criminal, with ambitions of becoming a dictator and war lord.

He’s the leader of the Meep armada, who became stranded on Earth while fleeing from the Wrath Warriors. Beep the Meep initially convinced local schoolchildren (who found his crashed ship) and later The Doctor to help him before his actual status and nature was uncovered by The Doctor.

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Beep the Meep in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary

Beep the Meep’s stories, and encounters with The Doctor, have so far been limited to appearances in both comic strips and in audio dramas from Big Finish. However, in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary specials Beep the Meep will be making his television debut for the sci-fi series.

From the trailer, it appears that Beep the Meep has become stranded on Earth and the Wrath Warriors are after him – much like in the comic. It also seems like Beep the Meep is trying to convince people (possibly including The Doctor) to help him before they discover his true background as a villain.

Beep the Meep will be voiced by Miriam Margolyes, who played Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter movies, but it’s unclear how big the character’s role will be, and if his story will stick entirely to the comics or deviate for television. One thing’s for certain, though. Beep the Meep looks completely adorable – the ideal design for a Lego Doctor Who set – even if that cuteness is only a ruse.

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