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Frozen star apologises to parents trapped watching Disney movie

Frozen star Kristen Bell has apologised to those poor parents who've been stuck watching the animated movie on a loop since back in 2013

Elsa from Frozen

I don’t have kids because I’m a Millennial and can’t afford them because I spend all my money on avocados and streaming services. I do, however, have friends with children, and I’ll be honest, as great as having a family is, I don’t think I could endure the continuous loop of movies and TV series that kids make you watch.

When I last visited my best friend, we were stuck watching the animated series Cocomelon, which appeared to me to be about a cartoon character named JJ who’s trapped in a world where people are possessed by an otherworldly force that compels them to sing about vegetables every day.

Still, at least as kids get older, you can move away from random videos about the joys of maintaining a tractor (which I’m reliably informed are brilliant) and show them the good shit. You know what I mean by that – Disney movies, Pixar movies, or if you’re like my dad, Alien (cheers, Karl). Or at least I thought that’s what happened, but I’ve recently learned that even the best movies fall apart a little on the 24th viewing.

This phenomenon convinced Kristen Bell, who plays the Disney Princess Anna in Frozen, to apologise to parents who are stuck watching Elsa “let it go”.

“I would like to say that I’m sorry to every parent who has had to listen to Frozen on a loop,” Bell said at the D23 Expo. “I feel you, I see you, I am you. I get it.”

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That said, she did admit that playing Anna was pretty important to her. “Disney taught me to dream big and follow your heart,” she continued. “And that it is totally appropriate to bust out into song at any moment, which I really appreciate. Playing Princess Anna has been the highlight of my life, I think — I mean, other than my kids and stuff.”

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