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Decorate your tree with Die Hard Christmas baubles and other movie decorations up to 66% off

A number of Christmas tree decorations based on series like Die Hard, Mickey Mouse and The Simpsons are now on offer on Amazon.

A Die Hard Christmas ornament based on the character John McClane. It has the words "Christmas Die Hard Santa" on it.

For many of us who celebrate, decorating the Christmas tree is an annual tradition to look forward to. For others, it’s a case of grabbing your box of 30-year-old baubles and hanging them up just as you have every Christmas before, to the extent that it’s starting to become a bit of a chore. If you’re looking for exciting new ways to spice up your Christmas tree, we’re pleased to say that we’ve found several movie and TV-related Christmas tree ornaments at up to 66% off, including a Die Hard bauble, for those who like to watch that Christmas classic every year. No disrespect for those who do not consider Die Hard a Christmas movie, we are inclusive of all beliefs here.

Film and TV-inspired Christmas baubles can help to give your Christmas tree a little bit of personality, letting you use it as a canvas to express your interests. Did you always enjoy watching the Doctor Who Christmas specials? Well, you could capture your nostalgia for them with a set of Doctor Who ornaments. Is Mickey’s Christmas Carol your favourite iteration of the classic story? Well, why not grab a Mickey Mouse bauble to hang on your tree? The Christmas period is one in which most people (who are lucky enough to have time off work) watch a lot of TV, and so most of us associate certain things with Christmas, even if they aren’t necessarily Christmassy. We’ve found a selection of ten different baubles that we hope will appeal to a range of people, covering lots of different series, from LEGO Batman to Rick and Morty.

Not only might this be a good opportunity for you to revitalise your own Christmas tree, but these baubles and ornaments could make great gifts too. These are fun and quirky items that people will get a lot of use out of, hanging them up every year. They’re also ideal stocking fillers, or Secret Santa presents.

Here’s a list of some of the best film and TV bauble discounts we’ve found:

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